How to check up bhu naksha online 2021?

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UP Bhu Naksha: Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha Online Map, View Report (Sajra), UP Plot Map Online

UP Bhu Naksha: In today’s digital era, almost all the work is now being done online. On the other hand, the Bhu Naksha Portal launched by the Uttar Pradesh government is very convenient. The government has now made the information related to the land map online. Now with the help of UP Bhu Naksha Portal, citizens of the state can now see their land map (Bhoo Naksha) online from anywhere and anytime. With the help of upbhunaksha gov in,

now any details related to land can be easily known. You can download them and take a print out if needed. In this article you will know how to see UP Bhu Naksha, up bhu naksha online service Uttar Pradesh Bhu Naksha online map, report (shajra) online.

Benefits of UP Online Bhu Naksha

Ever since the state government has made the UP land map online, it has become very convenient for any citizen of the state to see the records of his land online.

If a person is willing to know about the land in UP before buying it, then he can also take advantage of this facility. One can get information about that land as well as about the surrounding land.
On this website, with the help of the color code given on the map, you can see about the desired land. For example, if someone needs for building construction or suitable land for agriculture, etc. information can be seen directly through color code.

Reliable information is available through UP Plot Map Online. Due to which now there is less chance of any buyer getting caught in fraud or fraud.

Today, there is no need to repeatedly run to Tehsil and other related offices for land related documents in the state. Almost all are available online.

It is now much easier and more economical for people to get such documents than before. Not only running in offices but also saving money from place to place.

As we know that now all the documents are online, so updating it from time to time has become very easy. Whereas earlier paperwork used to take a lot of time and effort. Not only this, keeping them for a long time was very challenging in itself.

There is a lot of complaints about land grab or possession in UP. The facility of up bhulekh can now help in resolving such disputes.
How To View Uttar Pradesh Land Map Online |

UP Bhu Naksha 2021 Check Online

You want your or any land information in UP? You just have to visit the official website of UP. After that you can find out about your land by following some simple steps. You follow the steps given here in sequence:-

  • To get or get information about any land online, first you have to go to Google.
    On Google search browser, you will type UP Bhu Naksha Online Map.
  • After that you have to go to the official website of UP Bhu Naksha Online Map Bhu-Naksha (Indian Cadastral Mapping Solution) ( geo-map-online-map
    Now the home page of UP Bhu Naksha will open in front of you.
  • You can see that here the option of State, District, Tehsil and Village is given.
    The name of the state has already been given in this. You go to the next option (drop down box) and select your district.
  • After this, you choose the tehsil and village.
    land map-up
  • Now the map will show that part according to your details.
    On the left side the option of “Land Type Details” meaning “Type of Land” is given and
  • you can click on it to know the type of land.
    Uttar Pradesh land map
  • For this it is better that you click on “Select All”. With this, the types of land will be classified in one go by different colors.
  • You can easily know the meaning of the colors on the map from the table given below. Earth